Chinese Herbs And Health

We have created modern versions of Classic Chinese Herbal Formulas used effectively to treat disease for hundreds of years. Through scientific research and clinical experience, these herbal formulas have been found to be effective yet gentle with few to no side effects unlike western pharmaceuticals.

Formulas VS. Single Herbs

Thousands of years of study and practical application have gone into Traditional Chinese Medicine's herbal formulas. There is an herbal formula for just about every modern disease. In addition to internal diseases, herbs are also used topically for cuts and sores, or for strained muscles and tendons.

Herb Consistency

Combining herbs into a formula has a synergistic effect making them more powerful than using the same single herbs on their own. And, using a single herb for example, like Ginseng for too long can actually damage the Yin of the body. In a traditional Chinese herbal formula, there can be herbs to guide to the affected body area, herbs to tonify, herbs to balance yin and herbs to move the blood & qi. Often as many as 12-15 different herbs will be used in a formula.

Formulas VS. Single Herbs

Herbs are powerful supplements with little or no side effects. They are one hundred percent natural and can consist of plant, animal and mineral substances. Since they are organic in nature, they are taken in much higher doses than one might be used to when taking western drugs. We use herbs from companies that have very strict quality control standards.

The herbal formulas we use are in capsule or pill form but are also available in a powder that you can mix into hot water. They are generally taken three times a day. Since they are organic in nature, they are taken in much higher dosages than one might be used to when taking western drugs.

The most important thing about herbs is to take them - if you take them every day, as instructed, they will work wonders for your health.

Premium Pharmaceutical-Grade Chinese Herbal Medicine
We use Qualiherb product a Tier-One herb manufacturer in Taiwan. Tier One products are the highest grade herbal medicines in the world, meeting pharmaceutical quality and manufacturing standards.

Tier One products are professional-grade, used in hospitals and herbal clinics around the world.

We believe that anyone should have access to herbs. We let people buy herbs that they have been prescribed to them but we ourselves do not prescribe herbs (unless by consultation).

Products described at MHW are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease, because only DRUGS can do that. In fact, that’s exactly how the US government defines a drug: it fixes problems.

At MWH , we love the USA, and support the FDA’s goal of protecting consumers. However, this requires that we jump through some verbal hoops here to make legally sanctioned “structure-function” claims. In other words, we can regulate, stimulate, and support internal organs and their functions, but we would never claim to fix specific diseases.