Frequently Asked Questions

Are your herbs safe?
Yes, they are made by the biggest suppliers in China under impeccable conditions. Herbs are a multi-million industry for our supplier and there is no cutting corners nor hanky-panky that would jeopardize that. Most of the problems with Chinese herbs have come from small suppliers trying to make their way into the market with counterfeits.

Are your herbs organic?
This is a difficult question because there is no trusted organic certification in China. 90% of Chinese Herbs are collected in the wild from fields or forests and therefore there are no standards (nor need) for organic production. Chinese herbs are for the most part resistant to bugs so there is little use for pesticides and since they are wild they aren’t artificially fertilized. But its not a perfect organic system so all of our herbs are thoroughly tested before they go into production for processing.

Is it better to get these prescribed by a doctor in person?
Yes, it is. But  at MHW was started because we recognized that many people do not have access to a competent practitioner.  MHW has numerous opportunities for consultation on our pages and through paid phone interviews. We also strongly believe that people should be allowed the opportunity to choose for themselves given some guidelines.

We believe that anyone should have access to herbs. We let people buy herbs that they have been prescribed to them but we ourselves do not prescribe herbs (unless by consultation).

Products described at MHW are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease, because only DRUGS can do that. In fact, that’s exactly how the US government defines a drug: it fixes problems.

At MWH , we love the USA, and support the FDA’s goal of protecting consumers. However, this requires that we jump through some verbal hoops here to make legally sanctioned “structure-function” claims. In other words, we can regulate, stimulate, and support internal organs and their functions, but we would never claim to fix specific diseases.